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Conjunctions have to role to semantically link processes, acting as inter-connections between them: adding, comparing, sequencing, or explaining them. The meaning of conjunction is realized through wordings that include not only wer steckt hinter bitcoin profit, but also other kinds of wordings.

We refer to them as continuatives and we are going to analyse how they are different from the point of view of its meaning in the discourse. Conjunctions serve as logical connections between figures, adding them together, comparing them, sequencing them in time or explaining poly btc tradingview causes, purposes or conditions.

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Conjunctions are used to construe different fields of social activity. In literary texts they link events in wer steckt hinter bitcoin profit sequence in time, while in argumentative texts they construe the logic of an argument from hypothesis to evidence and to conclusions. The paper is made up of two parts.

In the first part we will analyse the characteristics of the logic of the discourse, taking into account all the four kinds of logic, while in the second part we will discuss the characteristics of the small set of linkers, namely continuatives, and the features that differentiate them from the conjunctions. Keywords: conjunctions, continuatives, linkers, logical relations I. Characteristics of conjunctions The cohesive system of conjunctions represents a complementary resource for creating and interpreting a text.

This system is the one that creates the resources for making logico-semnatic relationships that represent the starting point of a text.

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The relations are either paratactic or hypotactic and any complex sentence can be formed out of a combination of the two. In this paper we are mainly concerned with the special status of conjunctions which is reflected by the fact that, if present, they must come in first position. Their function is to signal that the coming clause is part of a larger structural unit, the clause complex, and also to signal how it relates to the other clause or clauses in the complex.

Therefore, they constitute a natural 13 point of departure, helping the hearer to set the statement in an appropriate context. But all the cars looked old and dirty.

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Then one day he decided to emigrate. Textual Conjunction looks at inter-connections between processes: adding, comparing, sequencing or explaining them.

These are logical meanings that link clauses in sequences. We have to mention that the meaning of conjunction is realized with the help of conjunctions, but also with other class of items called continuatives, such as even, still, yet, also.

There are four types of logical relations that conjunctives realize in English discourse: adding clauses together, comparing them, sequencing them in time, and explaining their causes, purposes and conditions. Furthermore he was proved to be wrong. Similarly her lover worked for the special forces.

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Finally he left the room. Because of his mistake everybody suffered. Textual The logico-semantic relations are represented by the three types of expansion, meaning that conjunctions mark relations where a part of text elaborates, extends or enhances another previous part of text.

Apposition: a part of the text is emphasized or restated: e. You should try to be more organized. For instance, you should make a list with what you have to do every day. Clarification: In this case a part of the text is rendered more precise or clarified for purpose of the discourse.

The president gave an interview trying to explain the decisions he has taken lately.

  1. Ричард, - думала Николь.

As a matter of fact, he was trying to justified himself. Extension involves addition or variation.

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Addition can be either positive or negative. Addition e. Nor could she remember where she put them. On the other hand, I have my valid arguments, too. The president should have declared a state of emergency in the devastated area. Instead, he went on holiday with his family.

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When arriving to our destination, we expected to see a castle, but, apart from that, we saw only an ordinary house. The conference organizes a tour for the participants. Alternatively, the participants can attend a concert. Spatial and temporal relations Place reference is commonly used within a text, being expressed by adverbs such as here and there and also by noun phrases and prepositional phrases. Spatial relations generally create cohesion devices within a text and they are expressed with the help of prepositional phrases such as on the shelf or adverbs such as everywhere.

Temporal relations, simple or complex, are very important in a text as they create the sequence of events which is very important in narrative texts. You can travel to Paris with the morning train. Then, you have to wait for the evening plane.

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Finally, take the bus straight home. Complex temporal relations are in fact simple temporal relations with some additional semantic features: e. Meanwhile, another copy was sent to the newspaper. Manner Manner conjunctions create cohesion in texts especially by using comparisons, either positive or negative. Apart from comparison, cohesion can also be achieved by expressing means. Everyone remembers the name of Wellington's horse: Copenhagen.

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Similarly, Napoleon's horse was called Marengo. Causal — conditional These types of conjunctions act as a powerful means of creating cohesion within a text. They are generally related to the ideas of result, reason, purpose, and in many cases it is difficult to differentiate them, as the idea of purpose, for example, also involves the idea of result: e. Therefore, you must come with me. The economy is going down.

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As a result, we must be careful with our investments. They become conjunctions when they are associated with reference items. He is not very interested in studying. In all other respects, he is a nice guy.