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Advertising Read more A study of internet freedom in 65 countries found 30 governments are deploying some form of manipulation to distort online information, up from 23 the previous year. These efforts included paid commentators, trolls, "bots" -- the name given to automated accounts -- false news sites and propaganda outlets, according to the "Freedom on the Net" report by human rights group Freedom House.

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The report said online manipulation and disinformation tactics played an important role in elections in at least 18 countries over the past year, including the United States. China is worst, again Freedom House said China was the world's worst abuser of internet freedom for a third straight year, due to stepped-up online censorship, a new law cracking down on anonymity online and the imprisonment of dissidents using the web.

Other countries also increased their efforts to censor and manipulate information, the report said.

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Meanwhile, as Russia sought to spread disinformation to influence elections in the US and Europe, the Kremlin also tightened its internal controls, the report said. Bloggers who attract more than 3, daily visitors must register their personal details with the Russian government and abide by the law regulating mass media -- while search engines and news aggregators are banned from including stories from unregistered outlets. In one such example, Ukraine blocked Russia-based services, including the country's most widely used social network and search engine, in crypto visitor bot effort to crack down on pro-Russian propaganda.

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Democracies should ensure that the source of political advertising online is at least as transparent online as it is offline. It said internet freedom also took a hit in United States over the past year.

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