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Not sure if it's the streaming ads or some other aspects of the app, but it's literally consuming hundreds of MB's everytime I switch to use the app. So after using it several times, 1 GB of cell data would be consumed.

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This makes it unusable except when on wifi. I've emailed to report this but haven't gotten a reply, nor have I seen improvement from the app.

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Another weird thing is the app has recently been literally heating up my iPhone 11 Pro Max when I use it. My phone heats up noticeably after using the app for a bit.

And as soon as I close the app, my phone cools back down so I'm sure it's due to the stocktwits app.

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What in the heck is it doing that it's stressing the phone processor that much? I've since read more reviews with the same problems.

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It uses ridiculous amount of cell data, making it unusable. And even if you were on wifi, you can't use it for long because it overheats the phone like a grill and drains battery Răspunsul dezvoltatoruluiAppreciate the feedback.

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I know our engineers are aware of the data usage and are steadily rolling out updates. I've shared your comments with our dev team for review. It also gives you up to speed news quicker then any news network Points are usually proven with charts Pentru bitcoin profit bewertung suplimentare, consultați politica crypto trader review confidențialitate a dezvoltatorului.

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