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Hashrate resale allows users to transfer a portion of the hashrate held in their name to another user's name, either as an absolute value or as a percentage. This provides different types of hashrate suppliers with a flexible way to allocate their hashrate, while also providing a flexible solution for hashrate distribution among miners working in mining cooperatives.

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Step 2: A window will pop up where you can enter the terms of your hashrate resale contract. Enter the name of the sub-account to which you want to transfer a portion of your hashrate, as well as the resale time, the transfer algorithm, and the the amount that you'd like to transfer: 1.

Hashrates can only be transferred between Binance Pool sub-accounts. A hashrate that has been transferred to a sub-account cannot be transferred out of that sub-account. Once a hashrate has been transferred out of a sub-account, it cannot be transferred back in.

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When selecting the resale time, please note that the time the transfer takes effect is calculated using UTC as the standard time. For example: In the example shown above, the hashrate resale will be effective from UTC, December 22, until UTC, January 22, on a cumulative hour basis.

After you successfully complete the contract, it will be in continuous effect.

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The contract officially takes effect at the time at which it is entered into. Enter the amount of hashrate you would like to transfer.

Step 3: View your hashrate info and earnings.

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Transferred hashrate cannot be viewed in the [Worker], [Statistics] interface. You can view your hashrate resale history in the Account Management interface of your mining account.

Who can resell or receive hashrates? Both the account transferring the hashrate and the account receiving the hashrate must be Binance Pool accounts.

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Hashrates received by a sub-account cannot be transferred out, and hashrates transferred out of a sub-account cannot be transferred back in. Which coins currently support hashrate resales?

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What's the minimum hashrate resale amount? How long will the hashrate resale take effect after I initiate it?

After the hashrate resale is completed, the transfer will take effect at the next Bitcoin mining cooperative.

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Is Binance Pool able to change the terms of a resale contract if the transferring party and the hashrate recipient fail to come to an agreement? Binance Pool only provides a platform for hashrate resale.

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Hashrate resale activities are carried out after the miners have come to a mutual agreement. Once a hashrate resale contract is bitcoin mining cooperative, it cannot be altered before the end date.

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