BitSeven x Bitcoin Leverage Trading

Bitcoin leverage trading


    Currently working in conjunction with Bitmex and Binance our AI Machine learning platform is plug and play for institutional and Individual investors. It protects with insurance trades a percentage of the portfolio along with stops and trailing stops to lock in profits.

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    The system does not over trade it only will trade in the correct moments. You can buy additional insurance to protect large investments essentially using trading on both sides.

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    • BitSeven x Bitcoin Leverage Trading
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    Mosaic has built in API connection with separated wallets stored on the Exchanges directly, no internal wallets are used for security of the funds. Liquidity is broken down with limit buys and sells to keep slippage to a minimum. Transparency is a key part bitcoin leverage trading our software to keep the Investor updated by the second on active trades leverage value reporting with live profits in a portfolio section of the Mosaic site.

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    For large investments we assist in setting up an Exchange account with our partners in which the Institution or High net worth individual can keep full control of their funds. Mosaic AI will trade and take only a percentage of profitable trades in which you pay for performance only. How to sign up 1.

    • Serviciul este disponibil și pe alte platforme, dar Binance este unul dintre cele mai mari exchange-uri din lume.
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    Go to www. Complete ID verification 4. The AI will be active and begin leverage trading for you within 24 hours ranging between 2.

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    Click on Portfolio you can see your live trades and profit statistics 7. You may withdraw your profits or funds at any point in time after trade closes.

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    Mosaic is the only Leverage trading AI Machine learning automated trading in the world. Mosaic Exchange.