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In this timeframe, the number of NFC enabled phones in the world has almost doubled and is expected to reach over an incredible 1 billion in The next bitcoin conference londra step was clear to us — to combine the best of both worlds and make contactless payments with Bitcoin and Ethereum a reality.


Even though the Bitcoin world is growing, Bitcoin merchant adoption has so far proved to be a challenging endeavor. Merchants are hesitant to accept it, and users are unable to spend it.

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And because there is no widespread Bitcoin PoS infrastructure in place, merchants often reconsider continued usage.

This means that it removes what is commonly seen as the largest barrier to the usage of digital currencies — merchant adoption.

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Customers no longer have to wait for merchants to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum directly. Instead of using an existing exchange and their additional risks and fees, or engaging in the high costs it requires to run one, Plutus. Traders escrow fiat, users send digital currencies, and the PlutusDEX handles the rest.

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We created this model to incentivise users as well as expand our feature-set in the future. Everyone who participated in the crowdsale has thereby secured a balance of Plutons, payment tokens which are equivalent to Bitcoin and Ethereum within the Plutus payment network, with the added advantage of faster transactions and more importantly, zero fees on the Plutus app.

Even though Plutus was designed for Bitcoin users, there are several other use cases with a sizeable impact, especially when one considers the growing numbers of remote freelancers and entrepreneurs around the world who receive cross border payments.

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Contactless balances are available in several currencies and usage is universal. Din aceeași categorie 25 iunie Biometrie 25 iunie